Saturday, August 29, 2009

Recent Work: Basic Mathematics Book 2

At last! I’m finally done with the illustration, graphics and page laying of the 72 page children textbook: Basic Mathematics, Book 2. The work was really demanding; everything was drawn and prepared as vector using CorelDRAW12. The following are some of the pages from the book.


The author, Mrs. Funmi Oni, is a seasoned educator and the proprietor of Peniel Nursery School. The book will be published by St. Daniel Educational Services.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Past Work: Book Cover Painting

About three months ago I was commissioned to make an illustration for a catalogue cover. Below are the ideas I came up with.

Sketch for the first concept.

The first concept in progress.

The complete first concept.

The second, approved illustration.


Past Work: Unused Vector Illustration

This is an illustration I made as part of a book cover some months ago. I ended up not using it.