Sunday, March 9, 2014

Recent Event: Postgraduate Training As A Teacher

I posted very little work on this site last year. This was largely due to the time I dedicated to my post-graduate studies in Education. I have spent well over a decade as a professional illustrator in the educational sector and it just made sense that I learn more about this interesting field from the perspective of the teachers. My intellectual odyssey was both challenging and eyeopening! 

Two highlights of the professional programme was my teaching practice and my course project. This was because I had to interact directly with the children within their learning environment where I put my 
theoretical learning into practice. I developed a renewed respect for primary school teachers. It is a vocation that demands both physical and mental strength. The children are so energetic and inquisitive! I really enjoyed myself and I love them! 

My appreciation to the faculty of El Peniel School, Agbalajobi Estate, Ikeja, Lagos and the proprietess Mrs. Funmi Oni. I also appreciate the pupils of Class 2 (2013 set) and their class teacher, Mrs Adeniyi. 

Recent Work: Showcase-2014 Illustrations And Designs

I recently started a new journal SHOWCASE-2014 solely for all my new media inspired illustration and designs. These works are, so far, all created with CorelDraw X3 as vector graphics. The following are various stages of development. The final works can be seen here.