Thursday, October 20, 2011

Past Event: My Struggle For Illustration Credit

These ink portraits were commissioned in 2003 (I think). Back then I did not get credit for my work. I sheepishly (and rebeliously) slipped in my initials into one of the portraits.


The illustrations were part of a commission for the biographies of two icons of Nigeria's history and politics- Sir Alhaji Amadu Bello and Chief Obafemi Awolowo. The later was reviewed in one of the nations newspapers and my artwork was praised. Unfortunately, the reviewer referred to me as 'the artist' as the book did not bear my illustration credit.

That event showed me how much damage I was incurring by not being credited. Shortly after, I totally refused to work for any client that (for whatever reason) would omit my credit in their publications. My new stance met with some resistance at first. One client insisted that I not work for any other publisher in other to be granted recognition for my works. But I have also meet clients that were even willing to add my contact details to my credits in their publications.

Today, about 50% of my commissions come from reference from past works. That's just one of the landmark events in my journey as a professional freelance illustrator in Nigeria.