Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recent Work: Omachonu- Illustration of Story Book

I have finally concluded the story book commission. Now titled Omachonu, after the lead character. The book is going to press shortly and a gallery is available for viewing at my gallery.

I made two covers for the client, Mrs. Rosemary Shimite Erazua-Oniha. She chose the second concept. Also uploaded is a stage-by-stage process for two of the illustrations.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Current Work: 'The Load Boy' Illustrations

I am currently working on a storybook commission titled The Load Boy. There are ten illustrations (one per chapter). I am just about to commence painting them in Adobe Photoshop. The pencil sketches are posted on my Pencil Jam portfolio. Posted here is the inked line art. The deadline is close, but I expect to make it in the nick of time.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recent Work: Focus on some ‘VOTE’ design elements

As I collate the various files used during this project, I see some aspects I particularly enjoyed working on. Here are just a few.

I gave attention to the face on the first version of the My Vote My Future design. I used many transparent layers of vector shapes to achieve the final look of the portrait.
The image for the No Vote No Voice design was a bit rushed as I was really pressed for time. Yet, I still had to go through the process of penciling, inking and painting in Adobe Photoshop. The final gray scale look came out as desired.
The vector icons on the second My Vote My Future design are rendered in full colour. I particularly enjoyed the process of accomplishing the education-employment combo. Though simple, I think the final look communicates the message aptly.
A personal favourite is the unselected first version of The Power of The Thumb design. It was actually the very first of the whole gallery to be featured on the exclusive creatives site Designers Couch. I like the colour harmony and perspective of the thumb. Also, I played a little trick in achieving the thumb print ink stain. I converted a bitmap of a thumb print into vector using CorelTRACE. This made it easy to work with the print as a vector graphic in CorelDRAW.  

Recent Event: ‘VOTE’ designs Go To Press

The posters and stickers have finally gone to press and have been delivered. Everyone around the studio is impressed with the outcome. Although it's been an interesting journey, I'm ready to move on to other projects. 

Recent Work: ‘VOTE’ Desktop background design

I got this idea about using the poster designs for desktop background on PCs. Anyone can download these images and even share with their friends and colleagues via social networks. The message can turn viral within the widening circles of on-line friendships.  

The posted image for My Vote My Future and It’s Your Right can be downloaded directly from the images below.  Just right click on them and select ‘download this image.’ 

Below are screen shots of how the desktop backgrounds will look. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Current Work: 'VOTE' Campaign Design (5)

Some of the previous designs are required in the major Nigerian languages Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. Creating the text on the Yoruba design was interesting. Because of the tonal marks above and beneath the letters, I had to convert them from text to shapes and then apply the colour and outline attributes.

Current Work: 'VOTE' Campaign Design (4)

I am finally through with the last of the 'VOTE' campaign designs. This one, the 'No Vote No Voice' design, is presented in two options. The featured illustration of Nigerians queuing up to vote was penciled, inked and later painted in gray tones using Adobe Photoshop.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Current Work: 'VOTE' Campaign Design (3)

At last, we are arriving at the final concepts. Though I have two more designs and other variations to produce, the winning concepts are finally emerging. Sticker designs are also made for some of the poster concepts.

Current Work: 'VOTE' Campaign Design (2)

Further discussion with my client lead to a new line of designs. This time, more elaborate with illustrations and full process colours. Here are some of the initial concepts. Every design was executed in CorelDRAW X4. The visual for the No Vote No Voice poster was made in Adobe Photoshop.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Current Work: 'VOTE' Campaign Design (1)

I am currently working with the National Democratic Institute, Abuja (NDI) to develop campaign posters and stickers with messages aimed at encouraging Nigerians to vote in April. The process has dragged on more than I anticipated. Posted is my initial take on the brief. My aim was to design simple posters that communicate instantly and at the same time save printing cost by the use of spot colours. I also felt the message was patriotic hence the prevalent national colours.