Friday, September 30, 2011

Past Work: Tortoise Versus Elephant Illustration

One of the most popular tales about Ijapa (Yoruba name for Tortoise) is how he used his wiles to overcome the mighty Elephant. These illustrations were commissioned for a short retelling of the story.

Recent Work: Character Designs For Fairy Tale

I created some designs for a prospective commission featuring the ever troublesome Tortoise and his friend Rabbit in an adaptation of a well-told Yoruba folk tale. The designs were made in CorelDRAW X4.
 All the designs are copyright protected.

Past Work: Animals In Vector Illustration

I made several illustrations for a pre-primary text book several years ago. It was a chance to work in vector and I really enjoyed creating so many spot illustrations. Below are some of the animals in the book.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Recent Work: Colour Pencil Drawings

I have been busy with conceptual work in the past month and half- generating character designs for jobs I can not post just yet. I needed a break from digital art so I purchased a set of Crayola colour pencils and a sketch pad.

Its fun to draw on paper, I can't remember the last time I drew with coloured pencils! While the interest lasts, I will make as many sketches as possible.