Friday, January 8, 2010

Recent Work: My 2010 Portfolio & Resume

My 2010 portfolio is ready and in distribution on-line. Posted are a few pages from the 35-page compilation. A low resolution PDF file can be downloaded here.

Recent Event: My Cintiq Tablet!

At long last, I finally have the Cintiq 12WX tablet. I have been expecting this tool for almost a year. It cost quite a bundle, but it is worth it. I've already started trying it out on photoshop 7. It's a different painting experience from using the mouse.

Recent Work: House-Warming Gift

Welcome to 2010! I believe this year is pregnant with blessings for as many as are bold enough to reach out for something better.

I find myself rejoicing with two relatives and two friends for the same reasons- They have built their own houses! WOW, that's no small feat! Here is a poster I designed as gift items. I had copies printed, mounted and framed.