Friday, June 29, 2012

Food for thought: Illustrators Are Artists

I have always loved art since I was a child growing up in Palm Groove Estate in the 70's. This interest has been close to my heart even as I grew up to an adult. Imagine my surprise when I came across opinions and mindsets that belittle illustrations and consider illustrators as lesser than or different from 'artists'. I believe any form of visual expression or communication that requires creativity, personal perception and interpretation is art. Most people with this mindset have no problem regarding Michelangelo as an 'artist'. Of course he was a great artist. But a close look at his paintings reveal he was really an extraordinary illustrator. I have usually avoided making an issue of this though. 
I was delightfully surprised when I came across Brad Holland's illustration (above), especially the hand written message. I have taken the liberty of typing it out clearly. I think this says it all. 

Past Work: Old Portfolio

While clearing some old files from my desktop, I stumbled on an downloadable portfolio I designed in 2008. For some reason I never got to upload it. Here are pages form the file.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Recent Work: Character Designs

I was commissioned to create characters for a series of publications last month. One is an ordinary guy while the other is more manly or heroic. This is my take on the brief...