Friday, October 29, 2010

Recent Event: Samsung Galaxy Tab Design (4)

I decided to further develop the concept of Samsung Galaxy Tab People; exploring the moments in live where the tablet comes in handy. The tone of voice is a bit excited. And my personal favorite is the last design. You can see how my vector illustrations became more vivid as I progressed. I really had a good time doing this.

Recent Work: Samsung Galaxy Tab Design (3)

So far, I have been conservative in my use of colour, deferring to the official Samsung colours- white, black and blue. I threw that aside for the next line of designs. The messages focused on the immediate use of the Galaxy Tab tablet computer and it's compact size and ease of use in everyday situations.

Recent Work: Samsung Galaxy Tab Design (2)

The next design, I felt, should focus on the kind of people who might use this device. The advert brief stipulated young upwardly mobile men and women as their primary target. Hence the following concept. I prefered a simple design that utilises appropriate negative space to bring the image into focus.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Recent Work: Samsung Galaxy Tab Design (1)

I decided to partake in the open call for designs for the new Galaxy Tab, a tablet computer by Samsung Mobile. I felt there needs to be a simple design that clearly elucidates the specific features of the device, giving details an intelligent buyer can relate to and also clearly show the product: The Galaxy Tab. Hence the following designs.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Recent Work: Word Of Mouth Poster Campaign

I had a blast creating advert designs for the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association 2010 campaign. The concepts portray the use and impact of word of mouth on life in general and not just business. Except for the couples image in the third design, everything was done in CorelDRAW as vector graphics.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recent Work: Book Publishing Campaign

I had a good time working on an idea for a banner advert. It's been sometime since I did any kind of animation. Below are the images for the banner as well as the banner movie. The duration is 15 seconds.


Below is a draft of the accompanying poster design.