Sunday, September 1, 2013

Past Work: Culture Shock- Lagos Transportation

Anyone who has experienced Lagos transportation during rush hour will not be surprised by the reality depicted in the above illustration. The abiding wave of  madness  and anxiety that grips commuters is really pitiful. This anxiety is so pervasive, at times, passengers rush and struggle to enter a bus that has more vacant seats than the number of 'rushians'. 

Copyright 2013 Olusola Akinseye 

Past Work: Illustration-Design Concept

Design Copyright 2013 Olusola Akinseye

Past Work: Business Networks In Modern Africa

I recall when I decided to become a full-time illustrator over a decade ago. I started in a kitchenette inside a friend's office apartment. I knew no one and had next to no connections. My business could not even maintain a mobile phone (then, MTN rates were grossly prohibitive). 

Today, I maintain a fully equipped illustration & design studio with commissions from places I may never visit and people I have never met. I have been extremely fortunate. But most importantly, I find that I owe a lot to the internet- I.e. the e-mail service, online portfolios, e-money transactions and other internet related services and opportunities. 

The above illustration is my depiction of internet-related business in the modern Africa. Copyright 2013 Olusola Akinseye

Past Work: The Nigerian Dream Visualised

Tax-paying Nigerians still have to take responsibility for every facet of their lives, including those that should be taken care of by their employers or even the government. In addition, there is little security from armed robbers nor is there an effective justice system for the common man. The average Nigerian can't afford life or medical insurance, still has no regular source of electricity. S/he must face the battles of life paycheck-to-paycheck and subsist on most of her/his income leaving very little savings. 

This illustration is my portrayal of what the Nigerian dream means to the individual. Copyright 2013 Olusola Akinseye 

Past Work: Design Illustration For Printing

Graphic design work I did earlier in the year. Copyright Olusola Akinseye.