Thursday, October 11, 2012

Recent Work: Sleeping Beauty And Frankenstein's Monster

I have just concluded work on the third instalment in my Revised Fairy Tales And Fiction poster designs. My version of the story Beauty and the Beast showcases Frankenstein's monster and Sleeping Beauty. This latest work features my take on the fictional reanimated creature as he rescues the enchanted African princess from captivity. The silhouette of the prison tower can be seen in the background.
To start, I had to make a fairly detailed pencil drawing with shading to guide the colour rendition. In CorelDRAW, I draw the outlines in vector closing following my pencil drawing. And after proceeded to add flat colours and build details into each element. To make the work less complicated, I drew each element on it's own layer. Various stages of the rendering are posted below.

You can view the whole project so far at my Behance portfolio. 
2012 Copyright Olusola Akinseye

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Past Work: My Early Oil Paintings

Though I did some oil painting during my undergrad years, I remember getting pretty serious about the medium after my graduation. I bought Walter Foster instruction books on painting and tried to learn on my own- part of the reality of being self taught. I bought mainly Winsor & Newton products because the only major art supplier around was a distributor. They were very pricey! That was a really expensive hobby for me (and for my parents who footed the bill). Most of my works then were abandoned as I travelled to Port Harcourt for my post graduate studies (in Engineering).

Years later, I discovered my parents had kept my works and later displayed them around their home. Just looking at then takes me back. It wasn't all fun then, I had a really difficult time understanding and getting used to the vast difference between using watercolours and oil painting. But today, those are fond memories.