Monday, August 10, 2015

Recent Work: Crime Thriller Poster Design

I was in secondary school when I first saw a copy of The God Father by Mario Puzo. The most remarkable memory I have about that book was the cover design (by S. Neil Fujita). That was my first memorable observation of how simple geometrical shapes and negative space can have powerful graphic impact. These elements have since been my working tools for poster or book cover design over the years. 

Above is my take on a crime thriller poster design. The work was done on CorelDRAW. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Past Work: One Of My Earliest Oil Paintings

I was at Port Harcourt recently where I spotted an early painting, which was leaning on a wall in my brother's office. Seeing that piece of work took me back almost two decades!

I had just discovered the oil medium and was still struggling to learn how to manipulate the thick, sludge-like paste that was completely different from watercolours! The work was done on cardboard hence the framing.