Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Recent Work: Ancient Yoruba Character Designs

I am working on a project that requires period designs of six characters from the political and military life of ancient Yoruba culture. I found the Oba, Iyalode, Oluwo, Balogun, Eso and Ilari suitable for my purpose.

The pencil art has been ready over a year but I just had time to work on the painting.
I felt my first Iyalode design (below) was too modern. I decided to make her look more 'powerful' to reflect her political might (above).
All artwork copyright 2011 Olusola Akinseye


Loveiara said...

Love the flood of colours in your illustrations!
Perfect pieces for commercial purpose, cards, ceramics, textiles ever wallpapers! Thoughts!!

'Sola said...

Thanks for the kind words. The images are meant to serve as inspiration for Yoruba cultural chess pieces, but I am open to other possibilities.

Unknown said...

Great work bro