Monday, December 12, 2011

Recent Work: 'Nigeria's Debt Hits N5.82 Trillion Naira' Cartoon

I read that Nigeria owes about N5.82 trillion, and this does not include state debts (Punch Newspapers, by Everest Emaefule). We have gotten so used to negative news about large sums of money we no longer realise how daunting these figures actually are, even in these times of economic distress.


The idea for this cartoon came to me as I read the news yesterday. For those unfamiliar with Nigeria's brand of locally fabricated English, the following translation should suffice.
Mother: My child, how many ten naira notes make up one trillion naira?
Son: I can not tell, mother.
Son (thought): I do not want you to suffer a heart attack.

On another note, as I upload this cartoon, I realise this is my 100th post. 100 updates! My appreciation goes to the readers of this blog. Readers from as far as Russia, India, the U.S., the U.K., South Korea, Germany and everyone else. Thanks to Google Analytics I can acknowledge your visit.

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