Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Recent Work: Gender Equality & Women Rights Poster Designs

The issue of gender equality is crucial, especially in my part of the world. I have heard lamentations about how few women hold their own in the science/technology based industries in comparison to their male counterparts. But in truth, the story is not that different in the creative fields as well.

I have been a studio manager working in the comics creation/illustration business in the country for many years. I have had the opportunity of working with highly talented professionals on several projects. Yet, the ratio of females to males, in almost a decade, is appalling. Even a survey of the resumes received over the years show the number of female applicants in single digit, out of over a hundred applications!

The idea that men are smarter or more productive is a myth. I have two sisters who are holding their own in the finance and IT sectors and I believe if given the same opportunity as men, more women will be visible on the professional scene. Also, marriage or care-giving at home are no longer tenable excuses, especially in the world we live in today. The economic realities have left many men very open to their wives holding full-time jobs.

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