Saturday, September 8, 2012

Recent Work: Hand Made Card For My Wonderful Parents

Last month I presented a card to both my parents from all their five children. Since their birthdays are about a month apart, we decided to celebrate it together as this year our dad turns 70!

The card was presented at The Macopolo, V.I. during a family luncheon.


I had just three days to create the card including rummaging through piles of family albums. I wanted to use both current and dated pictures to capture their growth over the years in a marriage that has spanned 44 years. It has been a long time, almost two decades I think, that I had worked with card boards to make custom cards. Anyway, I managed to pull it off. 

The inner designs were made in both Corel DRAW and Photoshop and printed using the Epson large format printer. The cover is made of embossed cardboards all mounted on hardboard to provide support. 

I made it a 6 page design. The first inner two pages contained general appreciation and benediction while the next two featured personal messages from both their children and grand children. 

I look forward to doing this again ten years from now, D.V.!

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